Page likes: immediate gratification for every business owner. Yet with Facebook’s ever changing rules and algorithms, you just can’t stay on top of figuring out how to consistently connect with your target market.  You’ve invited all of your friends to like your page and asked all of your loyal customers to share, but you’ve now found yourself in a page-like plateau. Below, I show you a quick and easy action-step you can take to generate some likes for your page RIGHT NOW.

  1. Head over to your business page. Scroll through your timeline and take note of the status updates, posts and photos that have received “likes”.


  3. Choose a post to start with. It’s easiest to start with the first or last post and work your way up. Click on the number that shows you how many “likes” or “reactions”  that post has.


  5. A window will pop up that shows you which of those people that liked your post is already a fan of your page. If they aren’t, there’s a little button next to their name that says “Invite”. Click that button!
  6. Repeat steps #2 and #3 on each post until you’ve invited everyone who has liked your posts.

Voila! A quick, easy way to generate more likes for your page. Now I don’t want to give anyone false hopes and say that everyone you invited is going to like your page, but it should at least give you a little handful of new fans! These people are clearly showing you that they’re interested in something you’re doing or something you have to offer, so why not invite them to see more? I’ve had success with this method on every Facebook page I’ve managed. Go ahead and give it a try. Good luck!

Have you tried this method of generating fans for your Facebook page yet? Let me know how it’s worked for you by commenting below.